The Adventures of Tiny Oprah



The Adventures of Little Oprah
Little Oprah, a fictional superhero Yorkshire, emerges in children's imagination to help them deal with complex and changing situations within their families due to mental illness.
The Adventures of Little Oprah is an animated web series (5 episodes - 6 minutes each) that explores the different emotional curves that children go through when their loved ones are no longer the same. The series is unique in its humorous approach. Every season, we explore one topic related to mental illness as Oprah navigates to a different type of modern family. The intention is to portray rich, colourful, and diverse attributes that connect families of all races and cultures.
With compassion and vulnerability, the goal is to demystify the cultural and social stigmas and judgments loneliness that children face in these situations. Therefore, the Adventures of Little Oprah series is an excellent complementary tool for various community and professional centers where family therapists, social workers, doctors, teachers, healers, etc.
Description of Season 1
The first season will focus on the difference between Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Sometimes Grandma acts funny, sometimes forgets my name, and occasionally scary. Mom and Dad are worried and don't play with me much. What should I do? How can I escape? Suddenly, little Oprah appears and is ready to help.
Our content is in French and English, and we include accessibility for partly blind or partially sighted.
Primary Targeted Audience
Children between the  of 5 to 6
We are preparing for the production phase as we complete our pitch dev in dev. We have caught the curiosity of different networks, including PBS International and SAMKA/Unique animation. We are currently in conversation with other studio animations.
We are currently working with Joel Bradley as a consultant, the Head of Productions for Atomic Cartoons. We are also working with Kim Wilson, Director and Co-founder of One Fish, Two Fish Consultant, specialized in kids' television content.

We also include underrepresented cast-crew; here are some of our list Animation Cast Crew. 
Budget Estimation in Production: 600 000$
For more details about our financial structure  please contact us

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