The possibilities of Storytelling
The company is developing scripted and unscripted projects (English & French) that are on the cutting edge of societal conversations about race, class, sexuality and gender, and the use of multiplatform ecosystems to reach broad, diverse, multigenerational audiences. 

HOOD ISLAND - 90 minutes feature film

is a comedic feature film about JONATHAN MAKEBA, a Black Gen Z optimist, whose world is shaken when his birth Father shows up and is both White and really, really rich. The resulting turmoil up-ends how Jonathan sees himself, and also how he sees his life-long best friend TESH, a non-binary wanna-be rapper. 

Luxury Motor Yacht


A fictional superhero, tiny Yorkshire, emerges in children's imagination to help them deal with complex and changing situations within their families due to mental illness. The Adventures of Little Oprah is an animated web series (5 episodes - 6 minutes each) that explores the different emotional curves that children go through when their loved ones are no longer the same. The series is unique in its humorous approach. Every season, we explore one topic related to mental illness as Oprah navigates to a different type of modern family. The intention is to portray rich, colourful, and diverse attributes that connect families of all races and cultures.

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Scarberia (a nickname for the heavily diverse Scarborough suburb of Toronto) tells the story of 3 Gen Z friends: eternally-optimistic dropout JONATHAN, non-binary rapper TESH and hustler PARV, as they react to a discovery that will change all their lives. Jonathan (25, Black) has just discovered that not only is his birth father not dead, as his mom has always told him, but he’s white and rich and has another child, TikTok influencer MEAGAN (22, very much white), Jonathan’s instant half-sister. 

Silhouette in Subway Tunnel


A fictional web series (comedy-drama) of 10 minutes per episode for a total of 8 episodes per season that exposes the problems of 4 women entrepreneurs from racialized communities who seek success at all levels by any means. Too often perceived as troublemakers because of their initiatives and their own vision, they will face throughout the series prejudices and constant obstacles that are detrimental to their survival on a professional, personal and social level.

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